Let Go Training


If you love to dance, to move your body, if you are passionate about music and would love to be trained to lead the Urban OM LET GO Meditation then this is the training for you.

The purpose of LET GO is simple, to create an open space where you can move without being told what to do or worrying about impressing anyone. There is a certain something letting yourself go, dropping the persona, dropping the performance, dropping the preference, dropping it all. No expectations, no right or wrong, just the joy of moving your body to wild and enchanting music. Then relax into the pulsation and aliveness of your body in the ambience of soothing sounds.

Over a weekend we will explore what LET GO means for you through active participation. We will de-construct the building and composing of a LET GO music list, look into the aspects of holding space and what is needed for a LET GO class to be deep, fun and leaving the participants with a feeling of expansion.

  • How to let go and what is it?
  • Experiential learning (means we are gonna dance a lot!)
  • Explore aspects of holding space
  • Practice introducing the LET GO meditation and give/receive feedback
  • Get nerdy and look into the more technical aspects
  • How to build up a playlist using “waves”
  • Some basic music mixing


After completing the training, you can apply to become a Certified LET GO Leader ready to hold your own meditations. There is an additional cost for Certification, more information will be given during the training.


Click below to apply now, and we’ll be in touch as quickly as possible.

Got any questions first or can’t make this date? No problem! Email Isa on isa@urbanom.se




Urban hippie. Baby mama. Therapist & group leader. Creator of LET GO and life long music mix maker. Picky coffee drinker. Wannabe writer. Image maker and space creator. Passionate about supporting people to step out of the personality and find the courage to be real.

Isa holds a degree in psychology from the University of Stockholm as well as a degree from Swedish Acadamy for Psychoterapist Education (SAPU). Part of creating Baravara and Urban OM. Leads groups at Baravara (baravara.se) and workshops at Urban OM as well as giving private sessions.

Let Go Training – 5-7 Feb 2021

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