We freakin’ love that you exercise your freedom to move and your right to choose. Thank you for visiting us in person, we are in awe of you keeping a regular practice to stay healthy and sane. And high five to you at home, we hope you are getting your On Line yoga fix and that we will see you soon.

The studio is open Mon to Sun. See footer for opening times. We are only responding to emails Mon, Wed, Fri 12.00-13.00 but please call or SMS us if your request is time sensitive.

We are operating an almost full schedule of daily classes but can only accommodate max 40 people in the center at any one time. So please limit your hang outs and hugs for now.

If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms please rest at home and if you are up to it, try one of our On Demand Relax Yoga Classes or Micro Shifts for regular self inquiry.

When coming to the studio please wash your hands immediately and keep a healthy distance from your brothers and sisters.

Due to high demand and limited space for classes we ask that you either show up full force or give up your spot in advance so that someone else can slip in.

As we have limited places available, we ask that you observe our new cancellation guidelines. If you are unable to attend a class which you have booked please cancel 2 hours before the class is due to start. You can cancel yourself in the app or web browser. If you don’t cancel in time or don’t show up then you will be charged a “no show / late cancellation fee” of 50 kr directly onto your account.

Props are still not advised but if you use in class then please wipe and clean. Same goes for yoga mats. We might use the occasional bolster in a Relax or Therapeutic Class and ask that cover with a towel. Best to bring your own blanket to be cosy & warm for a sensational savasana.

We are still offering Aerial Relax yoga and keep the slings clean and disinfected.

We have expanded our digital offerings to 20+ weekly Live Stream classes, 5 Daily Digital Micro Shifts plus 30+ (and growing) On Demand classes.

All subscriptions are now monthly auto renew and will continue on a rolling, but non binding so that you have the freedom to cancel any time.

If you had a subscription prior to Dec 1, 2020 and did not cancel, your subscription has been reduced to 700 SEK monthly for the period 1 Dec 2020 to 28 Feb 2021 and as a gesture of thank for staying with us, your subscription will continue at the reduced price until you cancel.

For you with Ten Times Clip Cards, we will extend validity up to 10 month when requested. For anyone purchasing one from now, the validity will automatically be set to 10 months


Many of our daily classes are now available by Live Stream bookable on the website or in the app. They are listed as “Live Stream” next to the studio class on the schedule 

Most importantly, before booking a Live Stream class, ensure your email notification settings are set to ON -> Go to settings in the app. 

A ZOOM link will be sent to you via email within a few minutes of booking a Live Stream class. Click the link and follow the instructions. You will be directed to download or open the Zoom App.

Please make sure that ‘Notifications’ in your profile are turned on then cancel and re-book your spot.

Log in to your profile online, account info, scroll down to “Communication Preferences”.

Check the email-box “Account management” and “Schedule Updates”.

If you continue to experience difficulties, please reach out by calling us at +46701433452 or by email to connect@urbanom.se. We will resend the link for you if we can see that you are booked in the online class.

First ensure that a Live Stream class was booked, and not a studio class.

If it was a studio class, simply cancel this incorrect booking and add your name to the correct one.

If the problem persists, keep your booking and contact us at connect@urbanom.se or 0701433452. Our contact is also listed on the email 

You may experience difficulties booking Live Stream classes close to your monthly payment date since presently we do not allow ‘unpaid bookings’ for Live Stream classes.

This will only affect classes scheduled after the payment date so we recommend you book your Live Stream classes the same day you wish to attend.

There are plenty of spaces available so we’ll always have a place for you and it will be easier to keep track of the email with the correct Zoom link. If the problem persists and if it is also affecting the studio classes please contact us.

No Live Stream classes are included in our monthly subscriptions but are not cost effective for clip-card holders. Instead you need an Urban Digital subscription to book and access Live Stream classes:

Yes, your subscription will auto renew on a rolling but non binding basis. You can however cancel any time and will only be charged for the current billing period.

Live Stream are happening in the studio live and most of our yoga classes are now accessible for you in this way.

On Demand are either pre-recorded classes or Live Stream playbacks that we make available for you to follow on your own schedule.

You can subscribe to Urban Digital or Urban All to get access to our On Line services.

Unfortunately you lose access to Live Stream, On Demand and Micro Shifts while your account is suspended. You may purchase access to individual Live Stream classes for 60 sek each or if easier then unfreeze your card.

Urban OM aims to stream our most popular classes during the morning, mid day and afternoon. Occasionally we will add more classes. Our updated schedule is always published on the website or the Urban OM Sthlm App. You will always find the Live Stream classes on the schedule next to the studio class. 

Live Stream classes are available for booking both on the website and the App, you will find them next to the studio class.

After you book a Live Stream Class you will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link. If you don’t have the Zoom App on your device, please follow the links instructions on how to download the App. We recommend accessing the classes through the Zoom App for best quality of image and sound.

We open the session 10-5 minutes before the class starts, you are recommended to login 5 minutes before the class begins. If you are experiencing difficulties please write in the chat box, we (and sometimes one of the other participants) will guide you through so you are well connected to attend the class.

Unlike studio classes there are no penalties for missing Live Stream classes but be aware that depending on which method you used to book the class you will lose value on your paying modality e.g. you will lose a session on your clip card if you do not cancel your attendance 30 minutes before class starts, same applies for one time purchases if you don’t attend the class you lose the possibility of refund or to book another class. 

If your subscription is currently suspended or terminated you will lose access to the On Line studio for that period of time

If your subscription is expiring within a month the online studio will not be available until a new payment cycle begins


No, from Jan 1, 2021 we have removed the ability to freeze your subscription but you are free to cancel anytime. While your subscription is valid you can use all services including accessing daily Live Stream, On Demand and Micro Shifts.

Previously, as a FULL ON customer you could bring 2x guests per month. Now with better value pricing options and new restrictions, we are sorry but we have discontinued that option. Your friends are welcome to join Urban OM in the regular way.

As a clip card holder you’re not able to book guests.

You can rent a personal space to store your yoga mat at 50 sek monthly auto renew and you may cancel this anytime.

Alternatively, we have mats for sale and mats for you to borrow!

Yes, all subscriptions are personal to one individual. 

No, we do not. We have a range of pricing options to suit different budgets.

  1. Click here to cancel your subscription and log in.
  2. Go to the ‘MY INFO’ tab and click on “Account”:Urban OM subscription cancellation step 1


  3. Scroll down to the ‘Autopays’ section and click on ‘Terminate’ next to the subscription you wish to cancel:Urban OM subscription cancellation step 2
  4. Lastly, confirm cancelling. Remember that cancellation will take immediate effect – so please double check your existing series expiry date to avoid disappointment:

    Urban OM subscription cancellation step 3


Please be aware that whenever you book a class a session is reserved to secure your place and unless you cancel your booking up to 2 hours before the class starts that value will be taken as payment for the class. This applies even if you miss the class and is not subject to refund. 

Yes but first make sure your guest has a profile at Urban OM, if not it is easy to set one up on our website. The minimum information required is name, email address and cell phone number.

Unfortunately, we are not able to pre-book your friend, so please check class availability and arrive early to book your friend’s spot. Please note that no-show rules also apply to guests.

  • Yes – the clip card is personal. However, you can add a family member to your card. For this you would need to ask us, either by sending an email or at front desk. Please note we only respond to emails Mon, Wed, Fri between 12-13.

Your Urban Ten Clip Card is valid for 10 months.


As a drop in visitor you register, book and pay directly at our website or through our app.

For monthly subscriptions, you pay monthly with your payment card.

The date you first sign up for your subscription will be the date when the subscription will be debited from your card each month. For example, if you sign up on April 5 your card will be debited on the 5th of each coming month.

Your subscription starts from your first payment and you pay in advance for the month ahead.


All yoga is for everyone, but not all the time depending on your experience, state of health and type of mode. We have a large faculty of experienced teachers at Urban OM, with many different backgrounds and lineages in the path of yoga, therefore we have chosen to name our classes after intensity so that you can pick a class from what you need: anything from a strong class to relaxation.

However, some of our classes have specific names for a specific type of yoga, such as Kundalini, Acharya and Laya.

For first timers we recommend Basic classes and Beginners Courses, the Strong Flow Yoga can be extra challenging if you’re brand new to Yoga since the pace of the class is very fast.

All of our staff has been practicing yoga for years and have done our yoga teacher training, if you have any questions regarding class recommendations or teachers please ask at the front desk.

  • Yoga quiz: Get started with our quiz here.
  • Yoga description: Read more about each class here.
  • Experience vs Performance: Whether you practice yoga for calming your mind, stretching your hip flexors or balance on your arms do remind yourself on focusing on your experience rather than performance. We perform all the time, we actually don’t have to when practicing yoga.


Yes – all our meditations are held by experienced facilitators. Some meditations are guided through out, others will be introduced in the beginning of class. Read more about our different meditations here.

Yes – all our meditations are held by experienced facilitators. Some meditations are guided through out, others will be introduced in the beginning of class. Read more about our different meditations here.

Active meditations engage the body in a physical activity. The body is the part of ourselves that is always in the present moment whereas our mind constantly wanders between the past and the future, engaging the body helps bring the mind to the present moment. Different active meditations encourage either subtle movement or a challenging activity.


You can rent a spot for 50 sek / month. When storing your mat here, please add your name and phone number on the back of the mat. If you don’t want to bring your own the studio is equipped with mats to borrow.

Yes, we have men’s and women’s changing rooms, saunas and showers. Towels are available for 20 SEK from our front desk; body wash, lotion, deodorant and hair dryers are provided. Towels included in our Urban All and Urban Loyal subscriptions.

Yes, we have lockers in the changing rooms. Some with digital locks but most of them with padlocks. If you have one, bring your own, otherwise it’s possible to borrow one in front desk in exchange for your ID-card.

Yes, you’re welcome to bring your lunch/dinner box here. We have plates and cutlery, but we do not provide microwave or fridge.

We ask that whilst you are at the center that disconnect from your digital devices to experience real connections in the presence of other humans. No phones nor computers are allowed in the center (except for staff).

We provide yoga mats but you’re welcome to bring your own if you like to.


To ensure a spot in the class you want to attend, we recommend that you register and book through the app or our website. Take our quiz to find out what would suit you or see our class offering here.


Yes – 7 days prior to class.

If you’re visiting town you can pre-book and buy a drop in 30 days prior to class.

Class Cancellation:
If you are unable to attend a class which you have booked please cancel 2 hours before the class is due to start. You can cancel yourself in the app or web browser. For all “no shows” (you make a booking which you do not show up for) or “late cancellations” (you do not cancel two hours before the class is due to start) Urban OM will apply a “no show / late cancellation fee” of 50 kr directly onto your account.

Events Cancellation:
All EVENTS bookings are NON REFUNDABLE, however you may transfer your ticket into another name. If you are unable to attend an event but would like to transfer your booking to a friend, please contact us and we can arrange this for you. 

We do not have any kids classes yet, but if you’d like to bring your kid he/she needs to be over the age of 15.

If you have a subscription or clip card and can’t use because of an injury or sickness then please bring us a sick note from your doctor or some other proof of your injury and we will extend the expiry date for you.

Please contact us as soon as possible.


We recommend not to eat two hours before your class: Yoga and meditation is preferably practiced on an empty belly.

What to wear: Whatever you like, preferably in comfortable and stretchy clothes.

Yoga is practiced barefoot. We recommend you to take extra care of your feet in our foot bath before going to class.

Mats & props: We provide everything you need for class, but you’re welcome to bring your own mat if you’d like to. We provide showers, shower essentials and sauna, towels can be rented for 20 SEK.

If you are a new to Urban OM and have not already registered for an account, please arrive 20 minutes early for your first session to allow time for registration and so that we can show you around.

If you are a regular student and have booked classes online, we ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts so you have plenty of time to sign-in and get settled. Otherwise, for busy classes, if you have booked but not shown up 5 minutes before the class, we might need to allocate your spot to our waitlist.

As we have limited places available, we ask that you observe our new cancellation guidelines. If you are unable to attend a class which you have booked please cancel 2 hours before the class is due to start. You can cancel yourself in the app or web browser. If you don’t cancel in time or don’t show up then you will be charged a “no show / late cancellation fee” of 50 kr directly onto your account.

Urban OM has no gracing period, to avoid disruption we do not allow latecomers into class after it has started no matter the reason for the lateness. This is to respect the students in the room as well as the teacher holding space.

Located in the heart of Stockholm, just 5 minutes walk from Hötorget or Rådmansgatan (Green line) and T-Centralen (All lines).

Check out our COMMUNITY CLASSES held by our lovely yoga teacher trainees and graduates. Pay what you can via Swish.

If it is your first time at Urban OM you can try a class for 149 SEK, see offer here.


Urban OM is built on three pillars, Being in the Body, Being Real, Being Together. 

Being in the Body is an antidote to cure the modern phenomena of ‘disembodiment’ caused by urban overload. We emphasize cultivating sensitivity of both the physical as well as the subtle body by training stress reduction and interoceptive awareness.

Being Real enables development of a sense of self and to nourish the connection to truth that can cut through the illusion, dream and deception of the mind. Self-inquiry – honest introspection – is an ancient practice found in every spiritual tradition.

Being Together is a method of creating safe space to merge body and mind and to explore the magic of letting go into ‘something more’. We believe that alone you go fast but together we go far.

We offer more than 60 classes weekly taught by experienced teachers and facilitators. See our schedule here.

We are always on the lookout for “real” superstars. Please send a letter of application to neo@urbanom.se. If you meet the qualifications we will get back to you if we have any openings.


Depending on the continued education you might need a pre-requisite 200 hour training which we also provide. Find more information under each training.

Click here to review the details of our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour.

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