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WHAT: Stress is a number one problem in our western societies and can lead to various symptoms like insomnia, fatigue, digestive problems, headaches, allergies. Zen Shiatsu works on the physical, mental and energetic level and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which supports balance of body and mind. It has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and works with stretches, pressure points and massaging along the meridians of the body which channel Qi (life energy). The sessions take place in comfortable clothes on a mattress on the floor (without oil).
Stephanie is a certified Zen Shiatsu practitioner and practices yoga, chi gong and meditation on a regular basis to keep her own “Chi” in flow and balance. Her path is fuelled by the question: How can we stay happy, healthy and alive till old age? Please visit Stephanie’s website for more information:
60 min 890SEK 120 min 1500SEK 90 min 1200SEK 120 min 1500SEK

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Yoga Teacher Training Info Talk
…WEDNESDAY 31st JANUARY 17:30-18:30

 We will introduce the format of the training and explore if this could be the right next step for you own your yoga journey. We are ready to answer all your questions and you get to feel the vibe at our beautiful center, if you haven’t already!
Places are limited!
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