Aerial Yoga Teacher Training



Aerial yoga helps you to approach your physical body in a completely new way. Being held and supported by hammocks opens another field of exploration for any yogi/mover/human being that longs for deeper connection with its own embodiment.
Using the hammock as a prop allows you to build courage, in daring to flip the world upside down and invites you to relax into the challenge of inversions. The aerial yoga material also helps you to tune in to different muscle tones and combine softness with strength, liberating tensions in the body.

Welcome to play at new heights in a safe environment. Making friends with your body and others. Widen your perspective where yoga teaching or practice can move, towards new ways of exploring your regular asanas. Lifting your downward dog, challenging your balance, strengthening your handstand, softening your inversions and holding you in your savasana, allowing you to explore even more depth of relaxation.

You are welcome both if you already teach yoga or you wish to start with teaching, or you just want to deepen your understanding of your own body. To get a teacher certificate you must have a 200 hr and complete a teaching examination.


Meet Andrea Nanda, a flying yogini with her feet on the ground, somatic explorer, globetrotter by foot and wheels, Mother Earth defender and dedicated environmental and climate activist. Andrea has been teaching Aerial Yoga since 2014 and will guide you to explore yoga from higher ground, inviting you to spread your wings with the support of the aerial yoga hammocks. 
“ A safe space to practice asanas in a new transformative way using the aerial hammock as a prop, for your own personal practice, to share and teach it to others”
Guest teacher: Mateusz Krawiec, a sound and movement artist. In his work looking for ways to union  body, mind & awareness he holds space for people to explore many ways to re-experience their bodies. His background in Yoga and Sound healing as well as experience with contact dance, physical theatre, internal martial arts and movement practices opens a broad landscape of possibilities for participants.
“Movement practice with different forms of Suspension and creative use of Aerial hammocks is something I am looking forward to share with you in the Training”
Guest teacher: Jessica Svennson


  • Explore hatha yoga asanas with an aerial yoga hammock and approach your physical body in a completely new way
  • Safety and security at studio and at home
  • An aerial asana manual with 40-60 asanas
  • Teaching skills for aerial yoga
  • Creative space with the hammock and movement practice with different forms of suspension
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes




Meet Andrea a flying yogini with her feet on the ground, somatic explorer, globetrotter by foot and wheels, Mother Earth defender and dedicated environmental and climate activist. Disorganized organizer with lots of ideas, mother of 2 little sweet ones, doula and totally in love with pregnancy and the amazing process of birth, loves to hang upside down and explore the way in to new asanas with the aerial yoga hammocks.

Teacher Trainings: Sukhashanti Yoga 200 hr, Hatha yoga 200 hr, Aerial Yoga 80 hr, Depth -Yin & Yang 100 Hr, Somatic Stress Release 1, Rehab Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, certified Doula and Birth preparation instructor in Confident Birth.


Meet Mateusz. Educated in law from University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań.

Former basketball player. Passionate aboout Contact Improvisation Dance. Performing in a past with Anima Dance Company. Years of Practicing ZaZen, Huna and own Study on Transpersonal Psychology. The Wim Hof Method. Kundalini Yoga foundation of my practice. Fascinated with every possibility that exists for the human body. Founder and Director of Yoga Village Festival.

In 2009 I first came across Don Corneux work with Gongs. Sound Healing from that time was part of my life. From smaller overtone emitting instruments I gradually expanded to Gongs. Last 3 years sharing the vibration of Gongs became most important part of my professional life and practice.

Hometown: Wrocław, Poland.

Trainings: 500+ Hours Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, Rocket Vinyasa Teacher Training.