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Julia ytt graduate

Julia, Graduate

This dream of mine has finally come true. I have a lot of people to thank for making this happen – my teachers, my love, my friends, my colleagues, my family – for all the support and for believing in me this whole time. But most important of all: ME. I am so proud of myself taking on this life-changing journey. This is only the beginning and I can’t wait for what’s to come!

Awakening the Soul: Urban OM’s revolutionary 800-hour Yoga Therapy Education

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Alexandra, Graduate

Graduating from a 2 year long journey through the deepest parts of myself together with beautiful souls. We are yoga therapists. Ready to meet you where you are with an open heart.

I am forever grateful for stepping into this light.

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Anna, Graduate

Today I am grateful for my breath. For the reminder that striving and forcing creates tension and resistance, a contraction in the being. Im grateful for the physical, emotional and soulful reminded that feeling is healing and the only way to get it started is to release the armour, relax and shift from effort to pure curious exploration. The practice of Allowing unfolds the layers. Thank you Agni & Iskaan, deep belly breaths held by beautiful guidance and support through our Yoga Therapy training in the Breath & Bioenergetics module. I am in a way left breathless but in so, so many ways more breathfull than ever ❤️🙏🏽

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Mikaela, Graduate


In the grace of spirit and the divine love, we made it! Against all odds in the gifts of life’s challenges🙏🏼 800h and two years later we today celebrate life and our YTE graduation🎊 this has been one of the most humbling and transformative years of my life. I’m so forever grateful for this indescribable journey and all the co-creators along the way. Life, I’m ready for all the coming magical experiences, here I AM🦋

Meet Lisa, lead teacher and path finder on Urban OM’s Yoga Teacher Training

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Ida, Graduate

✨WE ARE YOGA THERAPISTS ✨ Today is our Yoga Therapy graduation. We made it. This has been one of the most humbling, loving and hard journeys I’ve been on. Over 2 years, 800 hours of training, and an incredible amount of obstacles, we made it. I am so extremely proud of myself and grateful for this incredible team of friends, teachers and colleagues. I would never have managed without your support. 💛 Cheers to us and what’s to come!

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Maria, Graduate

We’ve graduated and it’s only the beginning. The journey of 800 hours training with these incredible human beings. Their courage, hearts, and knowing have taught me so much. The beauty of the teachings had in 150 hours of client work. The challenges and oceans of wisdom we’ve experienced with our incredible teachers. The reflections, the letting go and the path ahead. The teachings of bodies, hearts & souls. To be welcomed into this light, into this deep work. My heart is so open and so immensely grateful. ✨

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Morgan ytt graduate

Morgan, Graduate

I loved the variety of the modules actually and the fact that the approach isn’t dogmatic, but rather shows us that there are several ways to do something, and why.

Allowing room for us to make our own choices and develop our own voice.

Meet Viktor, flow wizard on Urban OM’s Yoga Teacher Training

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