Founded in 2012, Urban OM Center believes that change comes from within and its mission is simple: to play a pivotal role in raising human consciousness by providing urban oases for city dwellers to meet, connect and explore being together.
Urban OM has a unique yet simple approach to give tools to our
members to discover ways to BE and not effort through life.To support this, we offer over 60 weekly yoga & meditation classes led by highly trained instructors.
Plus regular immersions & special events, daily body and talk therapy sessions and an outstanding certified yoga therapy teacher training offered by International expert trainers.


Urban OM reaches out to you who wants to be in the world and deeply connected in yourself. We value realness and truth. Not to promote egos or get stuck in surface. You want to do yoga as yoga was meant to be, to fall inwards, to feel your body and to reconnect with your soul. You are tired of trying to be someone, to look a certain way or to strive for perfection and have reached the point where imperfection is just perfect enough. More than ever we are suffering from urban overload – being constantly bombarded by stimuli, toxins and demands on our attention. This can fuel stress and even lead to a feeling of isolation and disconnection. To thrive and not just survive in the city, it is vital to take some time out every now and again to recharge and reconnect on the inside.

Three important keys to give you the tools to be who you are and all you were meant to be.


Being in the Body is an antidote to cure the modern phenomena of ‘disembodiment’ caused by urban overload. We emphasise cultivating sensitivity of both the physical as well as the subtle body by training stress reduction and interoceptive awareness trough evidence-based yogic practices applying the therapeutic qualities of postures, breathing and relaxation practices allow the bodymind to strengthen & heal.


Being Real enables development of a sense of self and to nourish the connection to truth that can cut through the illusion, dream and deception of the mind. Self-inquiry – honest introspection – is an ancient practice found in every spiritual tradition. We offer trauma-informed therapeutic sessions and group structures with an underpinning of humanistic and transpersonal psychology.


Being Together is a method of creating safe space to merge body and mind and to explore the magic of letting go into ‘something more’. Active and contemplative meditative practices inspired by the contemporary and ancient esoteric wisdom of Osho, Tantra and Zen help participants to transcend the fixation with individual self and cultivate a deeper sense of inner connectedness.

    MEET THE FOUNDERS NEO & ISA Neo father of Bhumi Alaya, former teepee owner. Wannabe artist, ex businessman and current social entrepreneur. Passionate to share the powerful tools of yoga and meditation to support inspired creativity in daily life. Neo loves chopping wood and carrying water.Isa Urban hippie. Baby mama. Therapist & group leader. Loves to let go. Music mix maker. Picky coffee drinker. Gonnabe writer. Passionate about supporting people to step out of the personality and finding the courage to be real.



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Yoga Teacher Training Info Talk
…WEDNESDAY 31st JANUARY 17:30-18:30

 We will introduce the format of the training and explore if this could be the right next step for you own your yoga journey. We are ready to answer all your questions and you get to feel the vibe at our beautiful center, if you haven’t already!
Places are limited!
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