In this training you will gain the tools to lead (facilitate) safe yoga practices for all stages of pregnancy including birth preparation. These tools include how to structure and sequence classes, pranayama, meditations and relaxation. Through knowledge of anatomy, physiological and emotional changes during pregnancy, gained on this training, you will know special practices addressing common discomforts and complaints experienced during pregnancy and modifications necessary to welcome prenatal students into regular open classes.


Trishul is a accreditated yoga therapist and teacher. Trishul is faculty and mentors on Urban OMs Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training. Trishul is passionate about supporting pregnancy’s transformative power on womens’ lives with the tools of yoga for pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery and sharing those tools. Trishul has over 30 years of personal experience of yoga and has shared prenatal yoga both in open classes, groups and privates for over 10 years.



  • Overview and Anatomy physiological and emotional changes during pregnancy
  • Teaching to all trimester and levels.
  • Common complaints and variations / adjustments
  • The Koshas, mantra and nada yoga during pregnancy and birth.
  • Preparing for the birth and postnatal considerations.
  • Welcoming prenatal students to open classes –anatomy, variations of asana and practices, Yoga Nidra for pregnancy.
  • Restorative yoga for pregnancy – making a nest.
  • How to hold groups and privates session.


Urban OM team


Meet Trishul. IAYT certified yoga therapist and yoga teacher, warmhearted yogini with a gentle touch and a sparkle of wisdom. Trishul’s practice spans over 30 years. Trishul is passionate about the tools yoga has to offer for daily life, especially Yoga Nidra. Trishul is on the faculty and mentors on The Urban OM Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training.

Trishul shares her speciality of how to use props and create a safe atmosphere as she is known for in her regular classes at Urban OM - Relax Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Mamma and Baby Yoga.

Hometown: Australia

Teacher Training: 1000 hours +, with speciality trainings in Prenatal, postnatal, Well Women Yoga Therapy.