yoga therapy education - 800 hour

Are you ready to dive deep within and learn about yourself so that you can be of service to others?


This is a unique and intensely transformative Yoga Therapy Education combinding yoga and meditation based therapy.

In this education learning is by practice and by doing. We keep a tight professional faculty, so we can hold you through your education

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We envision a world where people are ‘being human again’. Where deep healing happens from meeting others with compassion. We believe yoga teachers can lead this transformation of ‘re-humanization’ when given the right yoga therapy training and tools.


More than ever we are suffering from ‘urban overload’ – being constantly bombarded by stimuli, toxins and demands on our attention and energy. This can fuel stress, even leading to the feelings of isolation and disconnection. We are fed with ideas of impossible perfection, that we should look, behave and be a certain way. We have an opportunity – one could say and obligation – to question and see through the illusion of all the shoulds and have-to’s, to move past the impossible ideas of perfection.


We experience life through our body – our emotions, memories, traumas, and thoughts are all felt and held in the body. So it is quite logical that when you start connecting to the body, which happens naturally through the practice of yoga, you also begin accessing and addressing some of these experiences again.

Yoga then becomes a natural starting point for deeper healing. Urban OM’s Yoga Therapy Training embraces this natural opening and continues further by safely allowing emotional release and welcoming deep personal insight.

Urban OMs Yoga Therapy Education is based on 3 fundamental keys:


The foundation is Being in the Body, which means to start befriending all the different aspects of being human. We believe that there is no real transformation unless you access both body and feeling. Being in the Body is an antidote to cure the modern phenomena of ‘disembodiment’ caused by urban overload. In our Yoga Therapy Training we emphasize cultivating sensitivity of both the physical as well as the subtle body by training stress reduction and interoceptive awareness. We’ll utilise evidence-based yogic practices which apply the therapeutic qualities of postures, breathing and relaxation, thus allowing the body-mind to strengthen and heal. These practices are inspired mainly from the Krishnamacharya yoga lineage with elements of Tantric and Kundalini Yoga and the bioenergtic methods of Alexander Lowen and Wilhelm Reich.


Being Real then enables development of a sense of self nourishing the connection to truth that can cut through the illusion, dream and deception from the mind. Self-inquiry, or honest introspection, is an ancient practice found in every spiritual tradition. We’ll train our yoga therapists in aspects of humanistic and transpersonal psychology in order to offer trauma-informed counseling sessions and group structures.


Being Together is the final key. Our focus here is how to create safe spaces which merge body and mind, and to explore the magic of letting go into ‘something more’. Active and contemplative meditative practices inspired by the contemporary and ancient esoteric wisdom of Vedanta, Mantra and Osho will help participants transcend the fixation with individual self, ultimately cultivating a deeper sense of inner-connectedness.





Starting up the process

Isa Khalwati Neo Moreton & Lisa Petersén

8-10 MAR



Foundation to yoga therapy

Neo Moreton Isa Khalwati & Lisa Petersén

17-21 APR


MODULE 3Breath & Bio-energetics 1

Agni Thalgott & Iskaan Grahl

12-16 JUN


MODULE 4Embodied Anatomy

Robin Gueth

29 AUG - 2 SEP 2024


Personalised Yoga Therapy Program

Robin Gueth

ONLINE during

2024 +2025

MODULE 6Ayurvedic Health

Annki Warberg

16-20 OCT 2024

MODULE 7Being Revealed

Isa Khalwati

27 NOV-

1 DEC 2024


Guiding with sound and voice

Isa Khlwati, Gary Fabbri, Jan Lundstöm

29 JAN - 2 FEB 2025

MODULE 9Embodied Anatomy 2

Robin Gueth

MAR 2025

MODULE 10Breath & Bio-Energetics 2

Agni Thalgott & Iskaan Grahl

14-18 MAY 2025

MODULE 11Embodied Asana & Touch

Iskaan Grahl & Lisa Petersén

11-15 JUN 2025


Counselling Skills and Therapeutic Relationship

Agni Thalgott & Isa Khalwati

27-31 AUG 2025


Practicum application and skills

Neo Moreton Isa Khalwati Lisa Petersén

1-5 OCT 2025

CLINICPracticum Clinic

Isa Khalwati & Lisa Petersén

OCT - MAR 2025


Integrated Into Modules

Gary Fabbri



22 MAR 2025

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Are you curious to find out more about our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training or Yoga Therapy Education? Book a 1:1 call with us and we will answer all your questions

Lisa and Isa are hosting our:

Yoga Teacher Traning Info talk
…on WEDNESDAY 11TH OCTOBER 17:30-18:30

Places are limited!
Fast-track register below

Can’t make this date? Email

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WHEN:starting MARCH 2024

Send in your application and we connect with you within 24 h for a follow up intervju.

159.000 SEK


(ending 31 OCT)


(ending 31 DEC)


Urban  BASIC MEMBERSHIP valid from the date you pay the registration fee until the end of your course (value aprox 38.000 SEK over two years).

Food and accomandation for residential retreat, module 4.


Off site residential course at Bara Vara, Door opener 1 (booked & paid separately)


Upon completion of Urban OM’s Yoga Therapy Education program and fulfillment of all course requirements, you will attain the highest level of recognition in the field of yoga education. You will receive a certificate validating your successful completion of our comprehensive 800-hour Yoga Therapy Education program. This achievement will enable you to register as a distinguished Yoga Therapist with the esteemed International Association of Yoga Therapists (

You will also be aligable for a 500h E-RYT500 with Yoga Alliance

Throughout the training, continuous assessment will take place. This entails observing how well you integrate the teachings shared, and how your newfound understanding is manifested in your practice, daily life, and teaching.

All students are expected to fully participate in every aspect and class of the course. Additionally, completion of assigned pre-course reading, assignments, and all homework during the course is mandatory.

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
1 year of teaching experience 
1 year of personal practice 


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Urban OM team


Meet Robin the founding director of the Stress Management Center of Marin (SMC) in Larkspur (est.2000). She has been practicing for 40 years and teaching yoga therapy and stress management for over 20 years. Robin is both a teacher and a public speaker for Kaiser Permanente and was recently added to the hospital team working with Chronic Pain.

Robin develops programs and trains therapists to work in western healthcare environments: She trains teachers for the hospital setting at Kaiser, the Brain Injury Network of the Bay Area (brain injuries and stroke), with veteran’s programs and other special populations. Her therapist training program at SMC was the first in the Bay Area to achieve national accreditation and she was recently appointed to a national committee to help other programs achieve this standard.

From athletes to veteran’s research: Robin is in her 8th year assisting as stretching coach to a local football team. She has seen a reduction in injury severity and concussion in her tenure there. Also a researcher, Robin has researched techniques to improve respiratory strength and wellbeing in adults with Traumatic Brain Injury. She has just launched a study for veterans dealing with stress in Santa Rosa. She is also pioneering a new cell phone app with members of the Alameda Police Department that deals with fitness, diet, stress recovery and resiliency.

Urban OM team


Meet Lisa. yoga therapist and yoga teacher, Studio Manager at Urban OM and school director.
Urban OM team


Agni is trained in Reichian, Breath and Gestalt therapies as well as psychic massage, counselling, inner man/inner woman and various meditative therapies. She worked for many years in the Osho Multiversity in Pune, co-leading Tantra for Women Fresh Beginnings Part 2, Sexual Deconditioning, Mystic Rose and Pulsation Training. She now lives and works in Europe leading groups and giving individual sessions.
Urban OM team


Meet Neo amateur gardener, father of Bhumi Alaya & former teepee owner. Wannabe artist, ex businessman and current creative entrepreneur. Passionate to evoke and inspire people to live an authentic, creative and purposeful life. Loves chopping wood and making fires in the open air.

Founder of Urban OM. Trained as a Yoga Therapist (IAYT), Osho Therapist (Osho Risk Denmark), Yoga Teacher Trainer (E-RYT 500) and NLP Practitioner (London). Holds a Law degree (London) and studied business at Columbia Business School (NY) & IE Business School (Madrid) & THNK School for Creative Leadership (Amsterdam).
Urban OM team


Iskaan’s understanding of the body is influenced by his training and experience in Yoga, Neo Reichian Energy work, Rebalancing, Breath work and various Holistic massage techniques. The most important ingredients, though, are his own dedication to meditation and his love for the human body.

Being present with a person, so they can have the experience of a deep letting go through touch instead of focusing on the tension became the core quality and interest in Iskaan’s Bodywork.

Click here to book a session with Iskaan.
Urban OM team


Urban hippie. Baby mama. Therapist & group leader. Creator of LET GO and life long music mix maker. Picky coffee drinker. Wannabe writer. Image maker and space creator. Passionate about supporting people to step out of the personality and find the courage to be real.

Isa holds a degree in psychology from the University of Stockholm as well as a degree from Swedish Acadamy for Psychoterapist Education (SAPU). Part of creating Baravara and Urban OM. Leads groups at Baravara ( and workshops at Urban OM as well as giving private sessions.
Urban OM team