300h Advanced
Teacher Training

Urban OM's 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
Taking flight March & September 2021

Do you hear the call to continue your journey into the heart of yoga, service, and the path of leadership?

Are you ready for a profound integration of your personal yearning and professional calling?

Step into the life you envision for yourself and create a ripple effect of goodness around you.

Urban OM’s 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is a professional growth journey and doorway to discover the inner you. 

At our essence, we hold an inner knowing that life is not only suffering, and endless cycles of attraction and aversion. 

Life is not just a hamster wheel of cortisol-infused hyper-productivity, busyness and misguided obligation.

This training guides you beyond.

Urban OMs methodology and approach has been developed and refined over years and lifetimes of practice and study. 

Our tenured faculty will challenge, uplift and support you through an evolution of consciousness, that you, in turn, will offer to others.

“If suffering is optional, then celebration is your only choice.”

During this transformative and highly experiential education, you will learn the applied science of kundalini yoga, truth evoking self-inquiry techniques, and the evolutionary dynamics of subtle breath & body movement awareness.

During this training, you will shift from a classroom instructor of yoga techniques to a teacher of the essence of yoga. 

You will understand and be able to apply the interweaving of ancient yoga philosophy and modern neuro-science.

You will emerge with tools to shift your state of being and your state of mind into a resourceful, life affirmative state, at will. 

These powerful teachings and tools are life-changing and will give you both the confidence and inspiration you need to lead others into more connected states of being.

At the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Help clients, students, people around you live in a more beautiful, connected state
  • Generate positive experiences for yourself and others
  • Identify patterns of unconscious awareness in yourself and others, with the ability to shift emotions, mind or body sensation
  • Guide individuals and groups through transformational journeys using precise, authentic language and tone of voice
  • Teach advanced pranayama and organic movement techniques and methods
  • Register as a 500-hour Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance.


Two start dates in 2021!
March 2021 and September 2021

  • Learn, practice and teach Kundalini yoga focus with specific sequences to lead students to be able to shift state of mind (SOM) and state of being (SOB)
  • Access to adjunct educational offerings. Handel Group Inner U self-inquiry process for radical self-discovery is included in the cost of the tuition. This on-line course is integrated into the curriculum and includes audio sessions, group, and individual sessions
  • The course is a unique blend of two 5-day Immersion residential modules and regular meetings on Sunday daytime and Monday evenings to integrate content and learning.
  • Our schedule allows you to complete an intensive training with minimal disruption to your work & regular life


The training runs over the course of 9 months.

Starts with a 5 consecutive day residential (Wed-Sun), then a commitment of one evening a week (4hrs/wk, 17.30 – 21.30), ending with a weekend finale (8hrs/day, Sat-Sun)

All the sessions are at Urban OM with the exception of the Residential Immersion.
All sessions are in person except for Philosophy lectures and some others sessions which are delivered live via Zoom. The sessions are recorded so as to give you the opportunity to listen again.

17.30 – 21.30 including practice, theory and a short break.

7:00 – 9:00 Pranayama and practice
9:00 – 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 – 12:00 Morning session/ skills based/ theory
12:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00- 18:00 Afternoon session/ practicum
18:00 – 19:30 Dinner
19:30 – 21:00 Evening session/ meditation

49,000 SEK, payable in instalments over the course of the training
* Early Bird discounts available for early sign ups who pay the full amount upfront. See next question below.

Registration Fee
5.000 SEK upon booking
* Place not secure until the non-refundable registration deposit is paid

Payment Plan
11 000 SEK every other month throughout the training
Nov, Jan, March + May

Early Bird discounts are applicable for upfront payments made in full.
Before July 15 – 43 000 SEK
Before Aug 15 – 46 000 SEK

By registering early with a payment plan, you receive unlimited access to the studio’s in-house, live-stream and online classes from the date your registration fee is processed, as a BASIC Urban OM member. The earlier you sign up, the earlier you can begin your journey at Urban OM at no extra cost!

We offer the service of freezing your currently active membership or clip card for the duration of the training. Following graduation, you are able to return to your previous contract.

  • All Tuition
  • The 350 page Urban OM Teacher Training manual
  • Mentoring – in groups and one-on-one
  • Internationally recognized yoga teacher certification with Yoga Alliance
  • Urban OM BASIC membership
    *option to upgrade to a FULL ON membership for an additional fee


Food is not provided during your weekly weekday evening sessions, though Urban OM has meals, snacks and beverages available for sale in the cafe.
Accommodation at the residential is a separate fee, normally 2400-3600 SEK per person for 4 nights, depending on the chosen room option. This fee is given directly to the location; Urban OM receives no profit.

100 % attendance is required, and we understand that life happens. If one or two sessions are missed, coordinate with your buddy and mentor, and answer the required reflection questions relating to the missed evenings. If more than two sessions are unattended, please speak with your mentor to determine how best to move forward.

It’s simple. You are ready if you have a regular yoga practice (home or studio), you love yoga and you wish to dedicate more time to deepen your knowledge and experience of yoga. It is not about level, it’s about passion. This is a transformative journey – it’s natural that one part of you might feel ready and another voice might say something different. Yoga is a mystical path, the reason you are on this journey will make more sense as you continue along the road!

In having the training every week at the same time, same place, a routine can more easily be established within your daily life.
Additionally, with this being spread out over time you have the possibility to apply the learnings directly into your lifestyle.. Even more, with Urban OM being in your own city, you are more able to continue your transformational journey beyond graduation – by attending classes, events, courses and continued educations; by maintaining a relationship with your fellow students, mentors and teachers; and by having a deeply rooted connection to the sacred space that carried you through your experiences and knowledge… This training and Urban OM can become a part of your daily life, rather a separate experience.

This is a hatha yoga teacher training where the asana and pranayama are coming mainly from the Krishnamacharya lineage and philosophy mainly from Swami Dayananda’s commentary on the Vedas. Our faculty are highly skilled yoga practitioners and trainers with roots in Ashtanga and Iyengar style yoga.

The training is scheduled around the school vacation times, allowing for time with the family. This means that training dates are not scheduled during school holidays.

Many students begin their yoga teacher training journey simply to deepen their personal practice. On average, approximately 70% of the students begin to understand their bodies and yoga’s benefits in a more experiential or intellectual way, and 30% want to become teachers; by graduation, the numbers have switched! During the training you will attend the Business of Yoga sessions which cover possible professional avenues to pursue after the training eg. live steam teaching, setting up your own business, offering workshops & retreats, teaching classes at studios, corporate yoga, giving 1:1s, continued & advanced yoga training e.g. yoga therapy education.

The training follows a set curriculum and whilst we encourage you to find your own way, we will guide you to extract common and core teaching gems to give you the tools, skills and resources to shine. Every teacher brings their own voice, perspective and expertise into their sessions. As a faculty we are committed to broadening your knowledge of yoga, and we encourage you to find what resonates most for you by sharing what resonates with us.

As they say, you get out what you put in. But roughly speaking, 1-2 hours per week should be dedicated to embodying your practices and learnings, by working with assigned challenges, reflections, suggested reading and karma yoga. Think of it this way: simply exchange 1 movie or a few episodes of Netflix for your yoga evolution! Memorization of text or sequences is not required or even encouraged – explore finding your own authentic voice!

In digestible blocks the training covers traditional yoga techniques and methodology including and not limited to Asana, Pranayama, mantra and meditation. Philosophy and how it relates to teaching yoga and daily life. Anatomy and physiology with relationship to asana and stress management. Leadership and personal development, The business of yoga. What it means to be a teacher, voice, class management, sequencing and much more. The training is set up in a way to encourage you finding your way to share the tools of yoga.

It is our goal that by the end of the training you will be able to confidently teach a safe, anatomically informed class with variations to support students.